Alessandro Cucci

Python Developer @ Energee3 srl

Hello! My name is Alessandro, and i am a Python Developer for a consultancy company. Mostly of my work time is spent doing backend software for a big fashion brand client in Reggio Emilia, ITALY. Other than that, in Energee3 I am the guy you call for assistance developing Python code, I train our new employees to be fluent in Python after face-to-face lessons and code reviews.

I really love my job, and I like coding stuff even in my free time. I'm interested in Data Science, Machine Learning, Home Automation, Scripting, Cloud computing. Sometimes I play developing small websites, just to try new languages and products.

What about communities? I am the proud founder of the newborn Pyre (Python Reggio Emilia User Group), I love attending tech conferences ( above all), and sometimes I also working on some issues on

Outside the digital world, my interests are in friends, music (I like playing guitar and listen my vinyl records), analog photography and rugby matches.